Hunting for Coverage on the SciFi Channel

Taken from the SciFi Channel\'s Web site without permissionSome of you may be familiar with the SciFi Channel‘s “Ghost Hunters.” An aspect of the show that’s interesting to me is that many of the requests to investigate come from public relations practitioners. Of course, this is not true in all cases, especially when “Ghost Hunters” investigates private homes or small businesses.

I discovered this media relations practice at my summer internship with the Seattle Theatre Group. My superviser was our excellent public relations manager, and one of her projects was securing a spot for the Moore Theatre on “Ghost Hunters”. The Moore is one of two venues Seattle Theatre Group operates, and the theater turned 100 two months after the episode aired. I listened to my supervisor ask staff members to volunteer their stories of seeing ghosts in the theater and arrange matters via phone with the show. The resulting footage, which you can view in two parts here and here, showed off the theater marvelously.

You can view a similar public relations aspect in the most recent episode, when the team investigated a United States Air Force base in Ohio. They kept thanking the military for allowing them into the base, and one of the staff members they interviewed had the title “Public Affairs.” You can view the episode here.

It’s important to note that I think that public relations practitioners getting their clients on “Ghost Hunters” is completely ethical, or at least it was in my experience at Seattle Theatre Group. My supervisor did not ask anyone to make anything up; she only asked people who claimed to have seen ghosts in the theater to tell their stories on camera.

I still enjoy watching the show, and by no means think it’s fake. However, now I analyze it for public relations like I do news articles, and I encourage you to do the same.

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