Seven Hours

That’s how long until “Northwest Networking: Hiking Toward PR Success,” University of Oregon‘s 2008 PRSSA Regional Activity begins. This has been essentially my brainchild for the past 14 months, so I somewhat understandably view it as a test of my professional worth, even though that’s completely ridiculous.

People keep asking me how I’m doing as if they expect me to be stressed. However, my overwhelming feelings are of joy, flattery and awe. I had never even helped plan a conference before this, let alone direct one, and literally more than 100 people had to trust me in order for this event to be a success. This obviously includes the student attendees and professional participants, but some less apparent but equally important stakeholders include instructors and the Portland Communicators Conference committee. More extensive thanks are in order in a later post.

I know this post sounds really arrogant. I want to emphasize that I’m not trying to make myself seem any better or more important than anyone else in this process. Instead, I’d rather leave you with how excited I am that my vision is now a reality that about 100 people will enjoy today.

Look out for an after-post, possibly during the Communicators Conference later this week.

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