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People Have Been Commenting

April 13, 2008

Correction and apologies: Jason Whitmen writes Public Relations Insider; Barbara B. Nixon writes Public Relations Matters.

I just looked at my dashboard for the first time today because I wanted to check my stats, and I had seven comments marked as spam. Four of them seemed legitimate, so they now show up on my blog. I’m so excited that people are reading and commenting : ) This is something I’ll have to remember to check often.

Jason Whitmen of Public Relations Insider commented that one of his friends had e-mailed him one of my posts a while back and that he really likes the whole blog. Barbara B. Nixon of Public Relations Matters quoted my comments on PROpenMic in her post “Watch Out for Digital Dirt.” I love it when public relations professionals not only read my blog, but like it.

I’d also like to thank my friend, classmate and new media ninja Bryan Saxton for including both my personal blog and the blog written by Lindsey Durrell for the conference I’m planning in the blogroll for his new blog Stop the (Word)Press. This is visibly driving traffic to this blog.